Get Protected Against The Latest Harmful Malware

The malicious malware are transforming with time and your old antimalware may miserably fail. Get the protection against the newest malware with BitSafe Anti-Malware

Why do you need BitSafe Anti-Malware?

BitSafe Anti-Malware is developed and designed by applying the latest security algorithm which helps you bypass the latest malware attacks.

Multi-Scan Facility

BitSafe Anti-Malware offers you multi-scan that you can use to locate malware on your PC. Run a Quick or Deep Scan and proceed towards a safer experience.

Live Updates

There’s a new malware every day and it is important that your antimalware knows about the newest threats. Live Updates help you get protected against any new malware.


Quarantine is isolating a malicious file that may harm your PC and the data on it. BitSafe Anti-Malware lets you use the infected files without further damage.

Multi-Dimensional Shield

BitSafe Anti-Malware provides a range of protection shield on your Windows, internet and Startup. This way you’re protected from all the vulnerable dimensions.

Malware Removal

Don't settle for less when you can ensure optimum protection by removing harmful malware in just one-click with BitSafe Anti-Malware.

What Else You Get?

It is understood that you may be needing support apart from having malware out of your PC.

Protective Shield on Your PC

BitSafe Anti-Malware is focused on providing you with a protective shield against the most harmful and malicious malware that are capable of disfiguring your confidential information and finances.

24x7 Technical Support

Not a tech-savvy? No problem. Our team of engineers is always there to help you in securing your computer and the data on it. Just reach out to us and the support engineers will take care of any issue you may be facing.

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